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Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.
Philippians 4:6 

Tuition | Financial Aid | Fundraising

All families who would like their children to receive the opportunities afforded by a
Catholic education will be welcome at Saint Anne School, regardless of any challenges
to meet the cost.  We're accessible, available, and affordable.

Serving Students From The Following Public School Districts

  • Keystone Oaks
  • Bethel Park
  • Mount Lebanon
  • South Park
  • Pittsburgh
  • Baldwin-Whitehall
  • Peters Township
  • Upper St. Clair

Transportation according to public district of residence.


At Saint Anne School, we recognize the importance of providing a quality, challenging, faith-based education. Unfortunately, Catholic schools are not the recipients of tax dollars or federal funding as are public schools.

Saint Anne charges tuition to cover 60% of the total operating expenses of the school. The remaining expenses are covered through a parish subsidy (up to 25%), fundraising (10%), and bequests and donations (5%). 

The tuition scale for the 2019-2020 school year is as follows:

1 child                              

2 children (K-8)
$5,850* (includes a $500 Angel Fund Grant)

3 or more children (K-8)
$6,950* (includes a $1000 Angel Fund Grant)

*   This is the MAXIMUM amount a family will be asked to pay.  Tuition is negotiated on a case-by-case basis based upon demonstrated financial need.  A large percentage of our families receive financial aid from the Diocese of Pittsburgh and tuition support from Saint Anne School.

Preschool 2019-2020 Tuition 

Preschool- 4 yr. old Program (M-F 1/2 day)
$2,250 ($187.50 per month/ 12 months)

Preschool- 4 yr. old Program (M-F Full Day)
$4,250 ($354.17 per month/ 12 months)

The first tuition payment is due on June 1, 2019, and subsequent payments are due on the first day of each succeeding month, ending with May 1, 2020.

Tuition may be paid via credit card by calling the school office during school hours. Additionally, payments are accepted in the school office during school hours or may be mailed to the school at: Saint Anne School, 4040 Willow Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15234.  Checks should be made payable to: Saint Anne School.

Financial Aid

All families who would like their children to receive the opportunities afforded by a Catholic education will be welcome at Saint Anne School, regardless of any challenges to meet the cost.  Tuition gifts and scholarships are available primarily through three avenues: 

  • The Bishop’s Education Fund
  • The Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship
  • The Saint Anne Angel Tuition Assistance Fund

Diocesan financial aid instructions and application process instructions for the 2019-2020 school year are available through the diocesan website.

Please note that in order to be eligible for any financial aid, the financial aid application forms must be submitted.

You may also contact our school office at 412.561.7720 for information on any tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities. All inquiries remain confidential.

Annual Fundraising

In the Diocese of Pittsburgh, each Catholic School is responsible for meeting a fundraising goal of 10% of operating costs and expenses. The Fundraising goal for Saint Anne School for the 2019-2020 school year is $110,000. Meeting this fundraising goal is an important factor in keeping tuition to a minimum while supporting the academic, extracurricular, and operating expenses of our school.

To help us to reach our fundraising goal, every family is responsible for raising or contributing $350 during the school year. There are many opportunities throughout the year to reach this Family Share Fundraising requirement often without any out-of-pocket expenses. 

The Family Share Eligible Fundraising events for Saint Anne School for the
2019-2020 school year include:

Exceeding our annual fundraising goal will not only enable us to keep our tuition affordable but will permit continued improvements to our school campus, provide state-of-the-art technology (Dell Interactive Boards, Chromebooks, iPads, Kindles, etc.) and provide for additional capital improvements all for the benefit of our children. 

Additional ways to support Saint Anne School that do not apply toward the Family Share Fundraising requirement may be found under the Support tab and the Parent-Teacher Guild tab.

Register For School

 If you would like to register your child or arrange for a personal tour of our school, please contact the school office. We look forward to welcoming you to the Saint Anne School family!